Monday, September 29, 2008

English Weekend

We have enjoyed our week end with the Caspers--London Temple and pizza party on Saturday, church in Thetford and a trip to Christopher Layton's birthplace on Sunday.

I will post some temple pictures when I get them cropped, but here are some pictures of the delightful Thorncote Green, Northill, Bedfordsire, England.

This amazingly adorable farm sits opposite the green. We saw a lady come from the farmhouse walking two rambunctious dogs, so we asked her if she'd lived there long.

"Forty-eight years," she said. Rich explained that my GGGreat Grandfather was born there at Thorncote and emigrated to America. She imediately respondeed, "Oh, was he with the Mormons?"

WHAT? I thought to myself. "Yes," I said excitedly.

"The Mormons were quite popular here at the time, and most of them left for America."

I couldn't believe she knew that! I wish I knew more about the saints in that area--I only know Christopher Layton's story, but I'll bet he was a great missionary. And I'll bet the missionaries who taught him would be stunned at the number of faithful descendants he produced!

I collected a few leaves and an almond from a nut tree near the green (there weren't many trees around), so I will try to press the leaves and give them to the Layton sibs.
Thorncote is a delightful place to have sprung from!