Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Longest Day

...or the shortest TWO days, you could say. (I am having the hardest time typing on this German keyboard beause the Y is in the lower left corner, among other things--how weird is that?). I have been traveling for 34 hours but my Wednesday AND Thursday are gone now (I'll get them back next week, right?)

Free Wi-Fi is not as abundant here in ancient Rothenburg as it is in the US, so even with my spiffy new laptop, I have been cut off from my peeps all day. I will write in more detail when we are not paying for access by the minute, but we flew smothly and comfortably from Detroit to Frankfurt on the first International Flight from Detroit's new north terminal. The accomodations and the plane were EXCELLENT! We had two nice meals and watched Prince Caspian and slept about 3 hours. I woke up when we were near Reykjavik, Iceland and wished it were light outside so I could see the north Atlantic! We arrived in Frankfurt at 5:20 am, changed into church clothes, picked up our rental car (Opal) and drove to the temple for a 10am session. It was very nice. We headed to Rothenburg and arrived after a roadside nap and a traffic jam at 3pm local time. We got checked in to Pension Elke and went exploring and had an Italian dinner. We are very ready for bed and y#all are just having lunch!

This is a gorgeous town--I canät wait to upload our pictures. For now, just know we love you and are having a great time. If you want pix, just google Rothenburg images--it is just as gorgeous and quaint as all the pictures!

Gut Nacht! Enjoy this sweet note from our kids today:
Addie says: I love you! I miss you already! My tooth is looser, but not out yet. The book I checked out is called "Peanut" and is a story about a lady and an elephant. I knew Heidi would like it very much. Love Addie

James says: Love you!! Hugs and Kisses - wet kisses! I slept all night in my bed. I had fun at Grandma's with the tractors and digging carrots. Love James.

Heidi says: I love mommy because she is my love girl. I like being outside with daddy when he mows the lawn. I helped Grandma dig carrots and wash them off with the hose. When I sprayed the hose in the air it made a rainbow. It was so pretty! I stayed in my bed most of the night. Love Heidi

I miss you three, my little pumpkins! When you get bigger, we will bring you back here! Its like a fairytale! XOXOX